A Beautiful City

A beautiful city creates appeal to all who live, work, visit, shop and conduct business within its boundaries. It reflects pride and commitment to the community and promotes a feeling of order and cleanliness; it inspires those who visit, and builds confidence in those who spend the majority of their time there. Creating such a city requires the commitment of three foundational elements that make a city thrive: The city government, businesses, and the citizens themselves.

Our community

Beautify Bonney Lake, spearheaded by the chamber of commerce, and its current board of directors is comprised of local leaders from each of the three interests. Each year projects are selected to create benefit for each element of the city: public spaces and common areas for the city, improvements to buildings and entrances to businesses, and improvements to the homes of local senior citizens whose properties are in need of a little tender, loving care.

Our goals

Ultimately, Beautify Bonney Lake hopes to inspire increasingly greater numbers of citizens, and businesses to dedicate 3 hours a year to the permanent beautification of the city, built around the vision of creating lasting beauty and appeal. Our hope is that Bonney Lake will become known throughout the area as a city that takes great pride in its community. We hope it becomes the city that people prefer visiting, the first choice for homeowners looking for a nice community to settle in, and that it becomes a highly desirable city to do business in. With your help and a small portion of your time dedicated to a highly focused event, we will create lasting change to benefit all.